Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Science, and the Church

When it comes to Pierre Teilhard de Chardin I tend to see his ideas as metaphorical. He was a scientist and a mystic, and when it comes to mystics, it’s always a mistake to over literalize their work. That said, he was a pioneer in trying to reconcile Christian theology with the findings of modern science. The Catholic church rewarded his efforts by essentially suppressing everything he ever wrote. The avoidance of the hard questions presented by science has been a major failure of the mother church, who likes to think of herself as having moved on from the likes of Galileo. But the truth is, medievalism is still present and provides cover for fundamentalists both catholic and protestant. This has deep implications beyond the culture issues of the day. A religion without metaphors that comport to our modern understanding of the world is impotent. This is a great loss to humanity. On that note I would like to refer you to a great essay by John Farrel called Still Seeking Omega. It’s 3600 words but well worth your time if you're the deep think sort. Enjoy!

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